Whole Grains are a Whole Lie

Pseudo “health foods.” They have seemingly taken over our brains, cabinets, and grocery stores. Buzzwords that often have little substance but a big marketing influence. Can we actually trust the claims on some of these foods? Aisles and aisles of this crap. It’s processed, packaged, but yet according to the label, also “natural”, “healthy”, a […]

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The Magic of Vitamin C

Simple miracles. Simplicity brings balance, freedom, and joy. It’s an interesting paradox, how we often over think and over analyze when we’re looking for a solution. Going into our minds, we often miss the answer to our problems in its sheer simplicity. Vitamin C is one of those solutions. A humble supplement, not boasting an unpronounceable […]

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We all have them. But oftentimes we prioritize things for illusive reasons, we focus on things that are outside of ourselves. We focus on other people’s success or lack thereof; we focus on what’s being said or ate, won or lost. We focus a little too much on Instagram comparisons and not quite enough on […]

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