Is Healing Ever Complete?

Hi babes.

Thanks for sticking with me through these multi-dimension shifts. I know we’re all going THROUGH it right now. I’ve had a lot on my mind and plate, and I’m beginning to see the bigger picture. I am so excited to share my vision for Earth Based Bodies, and continue to grow our community. This is just the beginning.

Like I said, I’ve had so many ideas and conflicting stories running through my head as of late. And trust me, I’m not complaining. I definitely have had my fair share of sifting and sorting to do.

While I will definitely be going into the details of my new diet and lifestyle protocols with you guys soon, there are a lot of bigger issues that I want to address first.

The “health” and “wellness” spaces online have frankly become toxic. More accurately, they always were. Unbalanced, biased, and anecdotal. How do we know who to trust? How do we filter out the endless information? How do we stop listening to all these external voices and tune inward?

For a long time, I haven’t been practicing what I preach. It’s easy to tell your community to just “listen to your intuition” or “do what’s right for your body.” But we are complex beings, and our decisions are most always influenced by external forces and experiences.

We live in an age of confirmation bias. When we hold an idea to be true, we can turn up supporting evidence with a few clicks on a Google search. This is especially dangerous when it comes to our health and nutrition. With millions of people on social media claiming they’ve “done their research”, have they really? Did they study a clinical trial, read a 95 page meta-analysis? Or was it just an online documentary? A shared Facebook post?

You might think you’re listening to your body, but are you really?

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface here. My health journey is far from over. And this leads me to the most pressing question of all.. is our healing ever complete? What happens when we cure the acute symptoms? Are we “done”?

We can understand a lot of concepts about health intellectually. We can read articles, books, research papers. But if you aren’t listening to the most basic cues from your own body, what difference does it make?

So for now, I’ll leave you with this to ponder.

Are your dietary choices your own? Are your ideas about fitness your own? Where did these beliefs stem from anyways?

I can’t wait to keep digging together.





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