We all have them. But oftentimes we prioritize things for illusive reasons, we focus on things that are outside of ourselves. We focus on other people’s success or lack thereof; we focus on what’s being said or ate, won or lost. We focus a little too much on Instagram comparisons and not quite enough on our own path.

What’s so magical about this existence though, is that beyond all of our own illusions, we are fully sovereign beings. We get to choose our priorities. It’s our choice what nurture and what we eliminate from our lives.

So while there are many aspects of this life we can’t control, there are ways to take our power back.

Ask yourself honestly, “What are my REAL priorities right now?” 

Before we can make changes in our lives and bodies, we have to set ourselves up for success. We have to create a blueprint for our goals, no matter the size.

2018-05-08 19:11:36.679

So, what ARE my health priorities right now?

  • Continue to heal my skin, my gut, and my hormonal health – it’s a beautiful journey.
  • Drink even more WATER on a daily, consistent basis.
  • Keep making #gains (booty and mental)
  • And most importantly, stay on track by actually meal prepping twice a week!

How will I make it happen? Keeping it SIMPLE. 

2018-05-08 19:11:27.264
Overnight oats with shredded zucchini, mulberries, almond milk, & berries. Baked yams. Quinoa. Organic mixed greens. Mason jar salad with chopped raw veggies, sprouted lentils, and baked chickpeas.
2018-05-08 19:11:31.456
Meal prep days usually consist of cooking any grains/beans/oats in bulk, baking a ton of sweet potatoes, and chopping up a bunch of veggies and fruit for the week.

While I love to smash vegan donuts as much as the next gal, my bodies priorities’ are different right now, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean I’ll ban myself completely from trying a new non-dairy ice cream(the second it hits the store shelves LOL) or having a treat here and there. But my body is asking me for simplicity and balance, and it’s my job to listen.

2018-05-08 19:11:44.084

So here’s to eating whole plant foods in abundance.. healing from within.. and prioritizing your health and happiness always, all ways.

P.S. If you want more meal prep tips and vegan recipes, follow me on Instagram!




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