Exiting The Matrix

Do you feel it?

There’s a massive shift in consciousness changing the way we live and the way we do business. Plant-based options have gone mainstream, infiltrating “regular” grocers and even fast-food chains. The majority of us care, at least a little bit, about the destruction of our environment, oceans, and forests. Consumers are demanding better, cleaner, more eco-friendly options. People are starting to wake up to the lies they’ve been told. We are returning back to our roots – back to the earth. The veil is beginning to lift.

As a soul who’s always resonated with the holistic side of things, it’s almost surreal to witness this transformation take place. Granted, I live in Los Angeles, and have always been blessed to be in the epicenter of alternative culture. But no matter what city I’m in, there are some prominent trends that can’t be denied. Think about it. Every other commercial is advertising “plant powered” cleaning products or boasting about a new “all natural” formulation. The consumer has changed – we are becoming socially conscious. And when the consumer changes, so does the market. We have more access to holistic medicine, alternative treatments, and independent information about fitness and nutrition than ever before. But there’s a problem.

We have all these options, but we don’t know how to take action. For most of us making healthier choices is far from practical; we can’t commit. We make excuses and fall back into old patterns. We take the blue pill because it’s easier. Ignorance is bliss right? We feel so utterly overwhelmed with all the things we’re “supposed” to be doing.. that we do nothing. And trust me, I’ve been there. Bombarded and overstimulated by an influx of so-called holistic gurus, Instagram models turned nutritionists, and industry backed science infiltrating mainstream headlines. How could any of us possibly know what advice to follow? Health is the global trend. We all want it. But it remains an illusive dragon because we don’t know who to trust. Our doctors? The news? Our grandma? That paleo dude on Facebook?

Like I said before, we have unparalleled access to information. We don’t need any more opinions, though. We need practical, pragmatic, and realistic advice. And that’s why I created Earth Based Bodies – to make elevated health accessible to real, everyday people. To teach people how to be their own gurus. We all have the intrinsic power within us to elevate our personal health.

How the hell DO you stay healthy in this Earth-school called life? How do we take our bodies and our health to the next level? Well, that looks different for everybody and every body. But the bottom line is simple.

Eat plants. Like, a lot of them. Stay hydrated. Take your supplements. Meditate. Find movement you enjoy.  


But before we begin to transform our bodies, we have to transform the way we think. We have to accept the harsh truths of reality. And the truth is we probably need to re-learn EVERYTHING we think we know about our health and our bodies. We have to un-program. We have to take the red pill. We have to exit the matrix of misinformation.

It’s not about manifesting “perfect health”, because let’s be real, that’s highly unlikely to exist in this dimension. I’m still learning everyday how to elevate my own health, and I hope my trials and tribulations can help you elevate yours.


all ways / always




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