Whole Grains are a Whole Lie

Pseudo “health foods.” They have seemingly taken over our brains, cabinets, and grocery stores. Buzzwords that often have little substance but a big marketing influence. Can we actually trust the claims on some of these foods? Aisles and aisles of this crap. It’s processed, packaged, but yet according to the label, also “natural”, “healthy”, a […]

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Is Healing Ever Complete?

Hi babes. Thanks for sticking with me through these multi-dimension shifts. I know we’re all going THROUGH it right now. I’ve had a lot on my mind and plate, and I’m beginning to see the bigger picture. I am so excited to share my vision for Earth Based Bodies, and continue to grow our community. […]

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Workout W/ Me Wednesday

A very late, very brutal workout for you guys today. I’ve been training a lot more intuitively lately, and following less of a structured “split”. Personally, I like this new idea of trusting my body and trusting how I feel on a daily basis. Of course, I have a general idea of what NEEDS to […]

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The Magic of Vitamin C

Simple miracles. Simplicity brings balance, freedom, and joy. It’s an interesting paradox, how we often over think and over analyze when we’re looking for a solution. Going into our minds, we often miss the answer to our problems in its sheer simplicity. Vitamin C is one of those solutions. A humble supplement, not boasting an unpronounceable […]

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Workout W/ Me Wednesday

  Curious about what workouts I actually do? Every Wednesday I’ll be giving you a sneak peak into my personal programming – all about creating curves in the right places. Feel free to share & modify the weights for your needs. But fair warning: my entire posterior chain is sore and it hasn’t even been 6 […]

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